Thursday, July 21, 2011

Relay School of Education Looks to Reform Teacher Training

The Relay School of Education, borne out of Teacher U via collaboration between KIPP, Uncommon Schools, and Achievement First, is training young teachers in revolutionary ways, according to this NY Times article. Teachers in degree programs incorporate their students' academic progress into their graduate studies - students must reach a certain threshold of growth for teachers to earn their degree.  Other education schools in the area, including CUNY, objected to its establishment.  The schools has earned funding from the Robin Hood Foundation and hopes that the AmeriCorps stipends Teach For America teachers receive will make the program affordable.

Lin Goodwin of Teachers College and Jerrold Ross St. John's have concerns about the program.  However, the school is an early adopter of what will become a state-wide practice - it will not be until 2013 that New York State requires all graduate students in education to demonstrate student growth to earn their credentials.

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