Friday, July 15, 2011

Five Percent of DC Teachers Fired

Just over 200 teachers in the DC school system were released for performance reasons.  The evaluation mechanism set up by former Chancellor Michelle Rhee, known as IMPACT, measures teachers based on the results of classroom observations, compliance with nine teaching strands, and standardized test results.

206 teachers were fired in all, 65 of whom were rated ineffective and 141 of whom were rated marginally effective for the second consecutive year.  (For comparison, last year 72 teachers were judged to be ineffective.)  663 teachers were rated highly effective, and may receive bonuses of up to $25,000.  Because the design of evaluation systems is not covered by collective bargaining agreement, Rhee was able to reform teacher evaluations during her time as Chancellor.  Around 70% of teachers are rated effective, though the union claims the evaluations do not offer development opportunities and are simply a mechanism to push older teachers out of the classroom.

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