Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NYC Graduation Rates and College Readiness

Very interesting post about graduation rates in New York.

Students who were incoming freshmen in 2006 had a 61% graduation rate in 2010, which is a substantial increase from previous years.  The extent to which this is due to easy Regents exams and credit recovery is unknown, but a topic for discussion.

4% of the class of 2010 graduated by August of that year.  The additional time is useful for ELL students, whose five year graduation rate is thirteen percentage points higher than their four year graduation rate.

ELL graduation rates have doubled from 2006, though students with disabilities still struggle.

The achievement gap in New York City is twice as big as it is in other cities.  The graduation rate gap between white and blacks and white and hispanics is approximately 20%.  Other cities in New York State have much smaller gaps.

Charter school graduation rates are up but below city-wide graduation rates.

With a graduation rate of 61% and a college readiness rate of 21%, there are many, many things wrong with education in the city.  40% of students are graduating but aren't college ready, which says something about the rigor of Regents exams and the use of credit recovery tools.

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