Monday, July 4, 2011

A reintroduction to New York City

I live in New York but spend a few years in another part of the country before returning home.  Since I've been back, I've added a number of college friends and coworkers from other cities to my New York circle of friends.  I'm always amused to listen to their thoughts on the city.  For example, I recently overheard a friend who has lived in Manhattan for just about one year yearning for an Upper East Side apartment, partly on the basis of affordability, and turn up his nose at the thought of living in Brooklyn.  This friend, and a few others, has spent a year rarely venturing out of the work-apartment corridor in which they live, and when they do leave that area, it's to go to the same three Lower East Side bars.  If you live in one of the world's largest, most interesting, and most diverse cities, you should take advantage of it.  Go get dinner in Jackson Heights, pizza in Dumbo, a drink in Park Slope.  Find some dumplings in Chinatown; go to the Bronx outside baseball season; and pick a place in the city you've never had reason to visit, grab your Metrocard, and get to it.

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