Thursday, July 14, 2011

Law School Lawsuits

I'm neither a lawyer nor a law school administrator, but recent issues in legal education have brought the spotlight of the mainstream media to law campuses around the country.  This post regarding Thomas M. Cooley Law School links to lawsuits the school has filed against posters who allegedly wrote about the school in a negative manner on a number of websites.  At least some of the posters claimed to be students at the school.  There has been widespread attention on the students at elite law schools who struggle to get jobs, the graduates who are unable to payoff their astronomical student loans, and the schools which give generous scholarships that are almost mathematically impossible to keep.  Given that many law schools appear to be misrepresenting the employability of their graduates in order to convince prospective law students that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on an education at their school is a good investment, it's unsurprising that there may be government investigations on the horizon.  I'll keep an eye on the developments described in the first link, and as always, invite comments from people who know more than I do.

Going to professional school is expensive; time-consuming; and, it seems, risky.  With many highly-educated, well-credentialed people having trouble finding work, what will happen to the students who today are in middle schools or high schools?  As Thomas Friedman says, the focus on technology, skills, and efficiency means "It's not your parents' job market."

No kidding.

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